Introducing SlimLine Wine

Party season will soon be here and the Prosecco and wine will be flowing freely. Now, we all love a glass or two of fizz, but this can result in drinking a lot of hidden calories, as did you know a bottle of Prosecco can contain a whopping 500 calories and 26g of sugar? From this week though we have launched a fantastic new Prosecco-style sparkling wine that contains just 50 calories a glass!!!

A light, bright full-flavoured sparkling wine made with Champagne grapes – it is thought to be the world’s first sugarless fizz. SlimLine Wine contains just 370 calories a bottle (or 50 calories or 3.5 syns/2 smart points per 125ml glass), is sugar free and has absolutely no carbs. Oh, and a little birdie told us the lack of sugar makes it almost hangover free…

Sold by the bottle and priced at £27.95 for 75cl why not come and try our guilt-free wine very soon!